qual|i|fy [ `kwalə,faı ] verb ***
▸ 1 have qualities for something
▸ 2 join profession
▸ 3 reach competition stage
▸ 4 change a statement
▸ 5 in linguistics
1. ) intransitive to have the right qualities or be in the right situation to be considered as something or to receive or do something:
qualify to do something: Only people over the age of 18 are qualified to vote.
qualify as: 90% of the boat people did not qualify as refugees.
qualify for: To qualify for Olympic status, a sport must be played in 50 countries and on three continents.
qualify for a discount/benefit/grant (=have the right to receive one): You may qualify for a study grant.
a ) transitive to make it possible for someone to be considered as something or to receive something:
qualify someone for something: Her income was too high to qualify her for food stamps.
qualify someone to do something: The fact that his grandparents were Irish qualified him to play in the Irish national team.
2. ) intransitive to become a member of a particular profession after a period of training or study:
fully/newly/properly qualified: a fully qualified ski instructor
a ) transitive to give someone the skills they need to become a member of a particular profession:
qualify someone to do something: It is the only course in the country that qualifies you to become a scuba instructor.
3. ) intransitive to reach a particular stage of a competition by competing successfully in an earlier stage:
It would be incredible if Brazil failed to qualify.
qualify for: What are your team's chances of qualifying for the finals?
a qualifying game/tournament/round (=one you need to win to go on to the next stage of a competition): Mexico's World Cup qualifying match against Canada
a ) to make it possible for a person or team to go on to the next stage of a competition:
qualify someone for something: Anke Huber defeated Mana Endo of Japan to qualify Germany for the second round of the World Group Fed Cup.
4. ) transitive to add something to a statement in order to change it slightly or state the situations in which it is not true:
I should qualify the diagnosis by saying that your condition may improve with diet alone.
5. ) transitive LINGUISTICS a word that qualifies another word gives more information about it. For example, in the dog barked furiously, the adverb furiously qualifies the verb barked.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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